Terms and Conditions

Staying at our Temp-mail website means that you have thoroughly and carefully read our terms and conditions. Using our website means you agree to our terms of service.

  1. As the sole owner of the website, we can make changes to our website content, features, and information time-to-time. We can also change our terms of service at any time, so it’s your responsibility to check whenever you visit our site.
  2. The Temp-mail website offers various features free of cost, but for advanced features, you need to subscribe to our monthly or yearly plans.
  3. Our website is not available to use for illegal purposes. If we notice any suspicious activity from your side, we may take legal action against you.
  4. We do not have control over the messages you are receiving in our website’s mailbox after using our disposable email address. It’s your responsibility to verify the message completely before opening it.
  5. Temp-mail is also not responsible for harm that occurs to your computer and mobile after downloading the files from our mailbox.
  6. Using our temp-mail.co website means you are not able to send any messages to others, you can only receive messages at our site's mailbox. We advise you that do not to use our throwaway email addresses for sensitive data because the messages remain stored in our free version for only 3 hours.
  7. We offer a 50% discount to our users for the premium version and you can get various features by using it like no ads, generating ten emails at a time, and 100MB storage for messages.
  8. Temp-mail allows its user to cancel the subscription offer at any time by clicking cancel subscription.
  9. Our website does not retain your information and we never disclose your data to any third party.
  10. If you want to unsubscribe from our premium membership and have any questions related to our temp-mail.co website, feel free to contact us.