Privacy Policy for Website/App

The following Privacy Policy refers to free to use for website/Android app/iOS app based on the URL


Temp-Mail is committed to protecting your privacy concerns. We understand the data safety concerns of users. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) will only use the legal data gathered in accordance.


Your primary email saves information for a longer time. The data is exposed to hacking or loss due to service failure or any other reason. In this case, it is quite risky. 

The use of temporary email enables you to completely protect your original mailbox against the loss of personal and sensitive data. Your disposable e-mail address is completely anonymous and convenient to use. Your personal details including real user name, communication, and device IP address remain confidential and protected. 

TEMP-MAIL does not store internal device data. It ensures the safety of your information from all unauthorised and illegal actions that may compromise your privacy concerns. After using our temporary email service, we automatically delete the email permanently. Our SSL encryption is strong enough to ensure your data security. 

Privacy is our highest priority. The temporary email address provides complete data accessible to you.  

What does temp-mail do?

We provide you with a safe and temporary email address that can help you to receive emails and get notifications of new emails to your inbox. The user can get multiple disposable email addresses for free using our tool. Our QR code can access the same mailbox in another web browser. It is significant to note, that TEMP-MAIL doesn’t store your email messages and after the service permanently removes all the files from the backend. 

What does the temp-mail premium feature provide?

Temp-mail premium feature provides additional services to the users. After the payment, you can get almost 10 custom emails with the desired username. Furthermore, it allows registration with an email address stored in our database for safe login purposes and payments only with the premium subscription through direct PayPal and Stripe.

What sort of information do we gather?

Our tool never gathers any personal information in the Temp-mail free version. We use the log files including internet protocol (IP) addresses, type of browser, date/time, internet service provider (ISP),  and clicks number to analyse trends, etc temporarily. No need to worry about the IP addresses, etc. as they are not linked to personal or identifiable data.

Our premium feature doesn’t gather any extra information except for email address, which is essential for authorization and billing purposes. Other than that, we never use your data.

Do we use cookies and what are our policies?

Yes, we use the cookies when the user visits our webpage from the browser interface. Cookies enable the service providers to analyze your browser and remember certain data for beneficial purposes. It keeps the information of advertisements. Google and other top-targeted search engines use cookies. The purpose is to serve advertisements based on a user’s experience. We never share your cookie information with third parties making our website/app reliable for use. 

The process ensures the personalization of your online experience. A file placed on the hard disk by the server, cookies are unable to run the programs or inject malware into your device. Only the web server can read the cookies in the domain. Normally cookies are used to store, collect and track information for numerical purposes for better operation of the website and other functionalities. The user is allowed to accept or decline the cookies request. Some web browsers automatically accept the cookies option, but there is a relaxation of the modification in your browser setting to ignore the cookies if you want. 

In addition, we use cookies to keep a record of promotional content and other related information. 

We use cookies to keep track of advertisements and remember certain information. Google uses cookies for advertising purposes and its partners to serve ads.


Google's use of advertising cookies enables it and its partners to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and/or other sites on the Internet.


Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings. (Alternatively, you can direct users to opt out of a third-party vendor's use of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting


If you have not opted out of third-party ad serving, the cookies of other third-party vendors or ad networks may also be used to serve ads, which are disclosed further in section “Third party links”.


What are our third-party policies about data safety?

We never disclose or sell your identifiable or personable information to third parties. In case of any miscellaneous activities, we may release your personal data when we realize that your release violates safety laws, international data policies, or property rights. Your personal information can’t be shared with other parties, whereas 

Third-party links Policy

All these third parties have their separate privacy regulations and policies. In this way, we take no liability for the content and actions of these linked third-party sites. We prioritize the protection of the data integrity of our website and appreciate any reviews about these websites.

Android App Policies

We require the following permissions from users:

  • Internet

-for display purpose of advertisements

-for firebase and crashlytics analytics 

We do not collect your facial information and never share them with any unauthorized external source.

  • Payment

We deal with the premium subscription directly in Paypal and Stripe for advanced-level services. 


iOS App Policies and Permissions 

We require the following permissions from users: 

  • Network 

Our app won't access or use your private data through your network and never share it with any illegal external source. iOS policies never violate privacy compliance protocols and never access your data through your network without the user’s permission.

Our policies protect your facial information without sharing it with any outside illicit source.

EEA Policies

When it comes to application distribution in the European Economic Area (EEA) store, it ensures the working within legal parameters. It is according to the Google AdMob Content Library. In terms of personalized or non-personalized ads display, the user is free to choose and user permission is essential for Crashlytics and Firebase Analytics. 

Your Consent with Us

As you use our website, you show your consent to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy Amendments 

In case of amendments to our privacy policy, we will update those changes on this page for users. 

Contact Us Policy

If you have queries regarding the privacy policies or for any other purpose, feel free to contact us.