About Us

Temp-mail.co generates a disposable email address for you and escapes you from hacking, spamming, and unwanted promotional emails. Using our fake email address also saves you from tons of unwanted messages. You can also use it to open or download suspicious files by receiving emails in the tempmail inbox. Your emails in our mailbox remain to save for 3 hours before you delete them. You can also send messages anonymously to other persons by attaching your accounts with our disposable email. Our website helps you in hiding your identity from others. Both free and premium services are available for users. You can use unlimited throwaway emails free of charge by generating them from our website. We also give delete and change email options to our users to make our website user-friendly. Our users can also buy premium subscription plans to get various benefits from us, like generating ten custom emails at a time, desired domain, having no pop-up ads, and using the temp mail address until the subscription expires. The best thing about our website, we do not save and share your data with any third-party source. Our iOS and Android apps are also available for users.