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Get the anonymous emails with our free, secure, temporary, and private disposable email address generator. By using our temp mail service, forget about spam, advertising emails, and phishing attempts within your real mailbox.

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What is Temp Mail?

The disposable temporary email is a self-destructive mail service and allows you to receive messages without sharing your identity. It is also known as tempmail, throwaway mail, fake email generator, fake mail, burner mail, and trash mail. We don’t ask about your email for verification purposes like various other service providers, you can enjoy our free email services without any registration. Our temporary address service is the most secure way to get rid of spam and other cyber intrusions. It provides unlimited disposable emails without storing your data. Avail of our temporary email service and boost your online privacy within seconds!


Yes, disposable mail addresses are safe to use. The best fake email address is automatically deleted and never stores your personal information. If hackers access your temporary email address, they will get disappointed after finding nothing out of it.

There are multiple benefits of using temp-mail such as resolving spam issues, avoiding promotional or advertising emails, cyber attacks, and keeping your original inbox organized. In addition, a disposable mail address allows you to unlock multiple unknown websites without fear.

Using a temporary mail service is a fast and easy solution. Simply, copy the disposable email from the top of the website and paste it anywhere online. After a few seconds, you can receive messages in the temp mailbox. In the free version, the disposable email gets deleted after 2 hours, and if you want to extend the time limit then subscribe to our premium membership plans.

A temporary email address is essential to keep your inbox free from spam and unwanted messages. In addition, the disposable mail address also makes it easy for you to register to multiple websites at a time without sharing your primary email.